Assigment #6

I think the Lyre bird was pretty amazing. I’ve heard many birds that could mimic things but that was the best by far. I also find it interseting that the bird knows all those sounds considering it was basically removed from society. Goes to show that nature is more intact with society than you think.


Salem witch trial

I would have denied being a witch if i lived during the Salem witch trials. Back then witches was just accussed people, like if someone didnt like another person all they have to say is their a witch. The judge/jury would believe anybody even a five year old. Todays witches are like old and hideous sometimes green and they are evil and of course MAKE BELIEVE! many people now just believe in witches for fun. But back then they thought they was people cursed by the devil. I think the reason they stopped the witch trials is because people soon realized how foolish it was and figured out witches are not real.  I just think the whole witch thing is/was stupid.

Sorting People….Assigment2

When i did the.sorting people assignment i only got three people right. Of course im not racists, im actually shocked that i only got that many correct but skin color doesnt define who you are. Which made me realize not everybody or everything is what it looks like. I also realize that not just me but everybody judge people not just by their skin color but by how they act, which i hate to admit i do that more often than i should. But like the well know quote says “Dont judge a book by its cover”. So heres a little advice dont judge someone just by looks or how they act.


         I have never used a blog for school assignment or at all. I think blogs are a great idea because there a way to express your feelings and beliefs with other. I look forward to having this assignment because I think it’s an excellent idea.

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